Government Grants

This month the government launched a new scheme in the hope of encouraging Malta’s inhabitants to reduce their energy consumption levels and aid the country to reach its energy targets by the year 2020.

The program takes the form of a lump sum of €15 million of EU funds attributed to three separate systems, where the finances will be equally distributed. The first strategy is directed at domestic installations of photovoltaic panels which is further divided into two sections. These systems offer a maximum of €2300, or €750 per kilowatt peak, in order to instigate the maximum use of every roof surface.

The Feed in Tariff was announced to be of 16.5 per unit which is sold to Enemalta during a six year period, after which every installation would need a MEPA certificate of approval.

The Resources authority claim that this scheme will benefit 7,000 families or individuals, over and above the 14,000 clients who have already purchased solar panels within the last year. Moreover, the latter are said to have saved around €8 million in electricity expenses since their installation.

The schemes, which will be administered by the Malta Resources Authority, will open on July 13 and will remain open until the end of the year, unless the funds are utilised prior to this.